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To all those awakening revolutionaries, nonconformists, seekers and dissidents: 

To all the freaks, weirdos, lost souls, and misfits: Hear this call.

I am the Kor Element and I am a Child of the Light. We are the Children of Light.

We are here to call in the Divine Mother to heal humanity through Compassion, Cooperation, Nonviolence, and Love.

We believe that food, clean water, shelter, healthcare, and education are basic human rights.

We believe that Mother Earth is a living, breathing, conscious Being and we are here to protect her and her inhabitants by raising our vibration and ultimately the vibration of all of humanity.

We are the Legion of the Children of Light and we have finally found each other.



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Chief Experience Officer

Rachel is our Clinical Psychologist. She's here to make sure that even though we have crazy ideas like healing the world we don't go crazy trying to get it done. She has learned multiple modalities of healing including Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Certified NGH Consulting Hypnotist and Reiki Master.

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Chief Executive Officer

Kor is the visionary of LOcOL. Although ha has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, he is a healer at heart. His vision for LOcOL is to instill Love, Compassion and excellence to all facets of LOcOL and let it flow out and permeate all corners of Mother Earth. Kor is also a Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, Activist, and Poet.



Chief Operations Officer

Anna is our amazin' resident Doctor of Organizational Psychology. She ensures that we maintain compassion, cooperation, nonviolence and love at the core of everything that we do. Anna is the backbone of LOcOL and keeps our family united and moving forward. Anna has worked in fostering excellent service and care in the drug rehabilitation and recovery field.