Because This Isn't Your Usual Sippin' Tea

When you have a formula that literally consists of herbs that legends are made of, there is a lot of information to process. At a basic level, a well-crafted herbal blend is a combination of herbs synergizing to achieve a desired outcome. Making an herbal blend is a process of delicately weaving the energy and character of each herb into a tenacious basket strong enough to lift the weight of life from within our bodies. In drinking your daily herbal blend, the biochemistry of the herbs become part of you. This transformation is guided by thoughtful listening and learning to trust botanicals to nourish and help protect the body from stress and dis-ease. 

So here is a compilation of lots of information that may help you! Hopefully you find what you are looking for here, and if you don't, PLEASE email us and we will try our best to answer your questions!

Three Teacups


Mark James Gordon

Our Formula was designed and formulated by Mark James Gordon. He is Certified in Regenerative Detoxification and Clinical Iridology from the 
International School of Detoxification founded by Dr. Robert Morse, ND and a Certified Herbalist from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. He offers iridology sessions, detoxification and health counseling and can be contacted here

Tea Pot


Setting Intentions

For the more advanced practitioner, preparing the "18" Herbs For Humanity is not simply soak, simmer, steep, strain, and sip. For those with a higher connection to plants, it is understood that this process is a ritual. This is a sacred healing experience that begins with intention. When you set an intention into the brew and you prepare it, it becomes more powerfully connected to your personal intention or purpose of which you are trying to heal.

Tea Time


Additional Changes

We are programmed from birth to ingest. Most don't learn what foods, drinks, substances have our best interests at heart. So the best way to improve our health is to eliminate from our diet anything we aren't sure if it's good for us. So, to increase how amazing you feel, try to add fruit/vegetable smoothies in the morning, remove animal products from your diet and exercise. If you incorporate this into your schedule, We guarantee you will feel the best you have felt in years! Give it a try!